Aging Issues


Following are several presentations on issues seniors encounter as they age – wills and trusts, medical directives, palliative care to reduce pain and suffering, housing and care alternatives, and financing elder care.

Wills and Trusts The will and trust documents every senior needs to be prepared financially. Video presentation: Diana Moak

Advance Directives The advanced care and patient advocate documents refer to and state a seniors needs in case he/she is incapacitated and or unconscious. Video presentation: David Robinson

Avoiding HC Dilemmas Three hypothetical examples of seriously ill seniors who did not have the necessary care instructions beforehand. Video Presentation: Donna Westmoreland

Palliative vs Curative Care The Medical profession focuses on curing illness even when it increases a patient’s pain. Palliative medical care tries to minimize suffering. It can be used along with curative care or alone as death approaches. Palliative vs Curative Care Video Presentation – Donna Westmoreland

Long Term Housing and Living Options Older seniors often need to consider home modifications and other living alternatives, such as nursing homes. Some communities offer PACE programs for day activities, allowing seniors to remain home longer. Long Term Housing and Living Options Video Presentation – John Thorhauer

Estate Planning and Elder Law –Discusses how to pay for long term care costs. (2016 presentation) Christopher Berry, Elder Law attorney
Video Presentation- Estate Planning and Elder Law — Christopher Berry, Elder Law attorney

Paying for Long Term Care (2018 presentation) From an elder law and social worker perspective. Discusses alternatives for senior long term care living, including assisted living facilities, foster care in-homes, staying at home, PACE, adult day programs, and nursing homes. Paying for Long Term Care Video Presentation – Christopher Smith & Megan Kiser

Long Term Care Paying Strategy 2019 presentation From an insurance agent.  Discusses alternatives for paying for senior long term care costs, including insurance, Medicaid, savings and disposing of fixed assets. Video Presentation: David Kee

Video – Life Insurance should even be considered by Retirees – by Bob Goldenthal of the NCRO