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Pictures from all NCRO Breakfast Meetings and events can be viewed at: Password is ‘ncro’ No capital letters.

2019 scheduled breakfast meetings:
October 16, 2019

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Videos from The NCRO Breakfast Meetings

February 2019 Breakfast meeting:
Mike Cipponeri, Emcee.
Jay Kuhnie, President
Jason Vines, Featured Speaker
Rich Brown, Insurance Committee
Jim Dimond, CEMA

April 2017 Breakfast Meeting 
Mike Cipponeri, Emcee.
Jay Kuhnie, President
Dale Aldo, Featured Speaker

January 2017 Breakfast Meeting with Mike Cipponeri and Jay Kuhnie:

January 2017 Breakfast Meeting Guest Speaker Karen Friedman:

October 2016 Breakfast Meeting with Dave Slates and Jay Kuhnie:

October 2016 Breakfast Meeting Jason Vines and Joe Cappy:

Previous Events Info:

Becky Blanchard  – Jeep’s 75th Anniversary and Beyond

NCRO Guest Speaker Becky Blanchard August 2016, Becky talks about Jeeps 75th Anniversary

Jim Lehto – The Chrysler Turbine Car Program

January 20, 2016 Guest Speaker Steve Lehto Chryslers Turbine Car:

NCRO Guest Speaker Bob Lutz January 2014