Pre-65 medicare problem

Pre-65 medicare problem

My wife is on SS disability and as a result she will be eligible for medicare in April of 2011. She won’t turn 65 until October. According to what I read in the Chrysler benefits info this means that medicare will become her primary insurance and Chrysler will be secondary. There is no detailed info on what this really means or what happens to the premiums I am paying for the BCBS PPO she currently has. Talking to BE did not help a lot . anyone have more info or know who I can talk to???

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  • bobwojo says

    Anyone have an opinion on using Butler Capital Advisors vs. Aon Hewitt Navigators for help with post 65 health insurance? Both are free.

  • paulgritt says

    I started to research a part D for my wife today.
    she currently had CIGNA

    Went to and put in all her drugs and looked at the plans

    1. CIGNA has been Sanctioned by medicare and cannot enroll and new members.!! probably could have stayed with them if I carried over.
    2. Chose Humana-Walmart since it was the lowest total cost.
    3. Went to Humana web site. _They do not have any way to input your drugs. _ I had to call them and have their sale person put all the drugs into their internal system and give me the costs over the phone.
    4. The total annual costs he gave me agreed within $25 with what was on the site so sounds OK.

    Wonder how many other companies are doing this?
    The Sanctions against Cigna are the result of a long history of not following some of the rules according to the Mediare web site.

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