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Good News! An Important Enhancement to the Way You Can Use Your Healthcare Retirement Account (HRA)

Enhancement to the Way You Use HRA

Claim filing information for FCA January 15, 2017

Claim filing information for FCA (Chrysler) retirees with 2017 HRA and / or RHCA accounts

Please Note:
2017 HRA funding and Wage Works processing of claims
FCA Has provided the NCRO Insurance committee of the following information:
This is to let you know that Benefit Connect (BC) has informed us that they will send the 2017 Retiree HRA file to WageWorks on Thursday, January 12th.
WageWorks will hold Retiree HRA claims submitted prior to that date. Once the file is received at WageWorks, those claims will be processed.
WageWorks will send one notification when the claim is processed and, if approved, a second notification once payment is made.

The following information was prepared by the NCRO Insurance Committee and is intended ONLY to provide an information overview and general background on Social Security and Medicare benefits. We recommend that you do additional research regarding the best choices for your retirement and healthcare needs. Check with your personal advisors, doctors and friends before you make medical and prescription drug coverage choices.

On September 09, 2015 the NCRO sponsored a webinar on Social Security and Medicare. What follows are the presentation slides from the seminar. Click on the title of the presentation you want to view.


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NCRO Estate Planning June 1 2017

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Social Security & Medicare Action Timeline – NCRO 2017

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AmWINS Presentation 10.18.2017

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2017 WageWorks NCRO Meeting FINAL

Butler Capital Advisors Presentation 10.18.2017

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