Sales tumble 10% in Dec.; Ram brand posts only gain

Only the Ram brand, including pickups and commercial trucks, posting a sales gain.

read more: Jeep sales fell 6.4 percent

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Why Fiat Chrysler is dropping the 200 and Dart

The 200 and Dart have their virtues, but neither is a clear leader

read more:  Fiat Chrysler needs great cars to overcome decades of mediocrity and worse.

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New Chrysler minivan to debut at Detroit auto show

Fiat Chrysler is the sole Detroit automaker left in the minivan segment

read more: Fiat Chrysler has represented at least 40 percent of minivan sales since 2009

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Fiat Chrysler Finally Scores a Victory on Quality

When customer satisfaction is factored into the “quality” equation, FCA’s best products shine.

read more: It was an important win for FCA

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2015 Chrysler Town & Country and 2015 Dodge Dart Win The Detroit News ‘Reader’s Choice’ Awards

FCA US took home two honors today in The Detroit News “Reader’s Choice” Awards. The 2015 Dodge Dart was named “Best Value” and, for the 10th year running.

read more: The awards were presented today during the Detroit Economic Club luncheon

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Honing Beacon: Fiat Chrysler CMO Francois Reshapes Brand Identities

Fiat Chrysler’s continuing sales surge is remarkable partly because its 56 consecutive months of year-over-year gains don’t depend in some ways on the overall dynamics of the U.S. auto market.

read more: By far, Fiat Chrysler’s biggest brand accomplishment during the last five years has been keeping the Chrysler marque itself afloat.

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Getting serious about the automotive industry

In Michigan, the government is serious about the automotive industry.

read more: Gov. Rick Snyder has created an Automotive Industry Office.

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It’s The 28th Anniversary Of The Chrysler Minivan Design

Chrysler’s minivan went on to be one of the cars that saved them in the 80s, and is still a mainstay of what they do well.

read more: It was 1986

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Chrysler Q3 earnings jump 32% to $611M

Chrysler Group could have one of its best global sales years ever in 2014.

read more: Jeep, which is expected to sell 1 million SUVs this year, leads Chrysler’s overall sales.

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Chrysler’s sales rise 19.7%; Ford climbs 9.6%; GM up 9.4%

Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co. all posted year-over-year July sales gains Friday,

click here to read more: Led by Chrysler’s nearly 20 percent rise over July 2013.

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