Chinese Automakers Are Logical Fit as Partners for Fiat Chrysler

One constituency that hasn’t been heard from — publicly, anyway

read more – is the Chinese auto industry

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Fiat Chrysler talking with many non-core auto players: CEO

Marchionne is keeping an open mind on what the possibilities might be.

read more: “We have parallel conversations with many players who are outside the auto sector…”

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Fiat Chrysler gains access to billions in cash

FCA NV closed on a deal with creditors to gain access to 2.5 billion euros ($2.8 billion)

The newly accessed to be used to help fund an aggressive business plan through 2018

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Marchionne reshapes Fiat Chrysler for merger or sale

Sergio Marchionne’s latest reimagining of the company he created could be the highlight of his brilliant career.

read more: Marchionne has long said FCA needs to grow by merging or working with another automaker.

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Marchionne abandons FCA consolidation efforts

There were no willing, suitable partners.

read more: Fiat Chrysler will lay out a “renewed commitment” this month to its five-year plan

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Jim Cramer Sells GM Stock, Thinks Automaker Should Consider Merger With ‘Sensational’ Marchionne

As for Cramer, he said he admires the management prowess of Sergio Marchionne.

read more: He argues that GM made a mistake by spurning recent overtures by Fiat to talk about a merger.

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Fiat Chrysler CEO says merger with GM ‘a high priority’

He did not want to discuss the next steps FCA might take or their timing.

GM has repeatedly said it prefers to go it alone.


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CEO Bob Nardelli takes credit for turning around Chrysler Corp.

and guiding it back to where it is today.

read more: No, Bob Nardelli. Just no.

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FCA management remains focused despite merger talks

CEO Sergio Marchionne explores mergers with other automakers.

read more: Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s management team remains a tight-knit group

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6 reasons to take talk of an FCA-GM deal seriously

There is mounting evidence that Marchionne should be taken seriously

read more: Especially when it comes to a possible deal with General Motors.

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