Chrysler “Top Hat Plan” Class Action

Sixth Circuit Win for State Street Bank in $200 Million Chrysler “Top Hat Plan” Class Action

read more: Some 400 retired executives (including former chairman Lee Iacocca) were left with nothing in their accounts.

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Pension ‘fix’ by Congress could backfire

Tucked away in last week’s bipartisan budget deal was a provision to sharply raise the premiums

read more: “The premium increase is just another unnecessary burden on employers…”

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I was overpaid by my pension.

read more: Now I owe $67,000

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Cash for pensions, FCA

The former Chrysler Group is still providing independent financial information

read more: Chrysler made a special payment of $1.3 billion to FCA

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Why 2014 Was Tough for Corporate Pensions

A new analysis by consulting firm Towers Watson estimates that the corporate pension deficit currently stands at $343 billion

read more: For large corporate pensions, 2015 could not have come any sooner.

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PBGC urged to listen more to constituents

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. needs to listen more to plan executives and participants instead of taking an adversarial approach, the agency’s participant and plan sponsor advocate said in a report issued Wednesday.

read more: “We need to listen and adjust more based on what we hear.”

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How the New Government Spending Bill Will Affect Retirees

Beware the Cromnibus! Could it possibly devour your pension?

read more: Is Your Pension at Risk?

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Congress irresponsibly takes ‘pension smoothing’ from exception to habit

read more: We call this a new low in fiscal irresponsibility

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This Road Work Made Possible by Underfunding Pensions

Letting companies underfund pensions so they pay more taxes is a dumb idea, but it’s not a new one:

The Federal Highway Trust Fund is expected to run out of money in August. 

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Why more companies want pensions off their books

Verizon has done it. General Motors has done it. And so have Ford and, recently, ketchup kingpin Heinz.

These brand-name companies have all moved part of their pension obligations off their books and into annuities run by insurance companies.

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