Sales tumble 10% in Dec.; Ram brand posts only gain

Only the Ram brand, including pickups and commercial trucks, posting a sales gain.

read more: Jeep sales fell 6.4 percent

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FCA sold more ‘light trucks’ than Ford, GM

When the March sales totals came in April 1, they contained a surprise

read more: Fiat Chrysler sold more “light trucks” in a month than either Ford Motor Co. or General Motors.

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Ford, FCA February sales soar; GM down slightly

FCA sold 182,879 vehicles last month

read more: Sales were once again driven by Ram trucks and Jeep SUVs

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Ram CEO aims to grow commercial van and truck sales

Ram’s growth faces challenges after several years of growth

read more: because the company has hit its ceiling for production capacity

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Fiat Chrysler Finally Scores a Victory on Quality

When customer satisfaction is factored into the “quality” equation, FCA’s best products shine.

read more: It was an important win for FCA

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U.S. car sales on best pace in decade

Compared to the same period a year ago, sales were up 4.4 percent

read more: Jeep and Ram Trucks lead the way

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If Fiat Chrysler Wants A Merger, There’s Only One Partner That Makes Sense: Volkswagen

The German carmaker is the world’s second-largest auto manufacturer, behind Toyota Motor.

read more: But it’s not a major player in the United States because it lacks the SUVs and pickup trucks that Americans prefer.

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FCA US earns $2.6 billion in Q1

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles on Thursday reported a $2.6 billion profit for its FCA US LLC division for the first quarter of the year.

read more: Net revenue for the first quarter was $20.9 billion

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Honing Beacon: Fiat Chrysler CMO Francois Reshapes Brand Identities

Fiat Chrysler’s continuing sales surge is remarkable partly because its 56 consecutive months of year-over-year gains don’t depend in some ways on the overall dynamics of the U.S. auto market.

read more: By far, Fiat Chrysler’s biggest brand accomplishment during the last five years has been keeping the Chrysler marque itself afloat.

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Chrysler Q3 earnings jump 32% to $611M

Chrysler Group could have one of its best global sales years ever in 2014.

read more: Jeep, which is expected to sell 1 million SUVs this year, leads Chrysler’s overall sales.

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