Timeline for YSA Payment of Claim with RHCA funds

December 17, 2014

What is the timing involved in receiving reimbursement from the RHCA for qualified expenses?

My experience has always been that when a claim is made to Your Spending Account for RHCA reimbusement, the claim is Denied (lack of funds)

Then YSA submits a request to Merrill Lynch for funds to pay the claim. Then YSA receives funds and initiate payment.

However I not seen any information on the time line for this sequence of actions. Please provide.

Also, since YSA never has a funds from a client’s RHCA, why is the initial claim status always DENIED, rather a more appropriate status such as PENDING (requesting funds)?

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  • Robert Wojciechowski says

    I have questioned YSA about the ‘Denied’ status and even sent them a note suggesting that they change it to something more meaningful like ‘pending’ or ‘waiting transfer of funds from ML’ which would create less confusion. Obviously they ignored my suggestion and prefer to confuse new users. The first time I got the ‘denied’ message I called them to find out why it was denied,

    Maybe they just like getting phone calls…

    • NCRO Admin says

      The NCRO discussed this with Chrysler and made several recommendations to correct. As of yet no solution, but we will continue to discuss with them seeking a positive resolution.

      Thank you for contacting your National Chrysler Retirement Organization

  • Robert Wojciechowski says

    Another year and no change.

    Another way to solve this is to let the user to transfer funds from the RHCA to the spending account. That way the money would be there when needed.

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