Why the change in 1099-R reporting from Chrysler?

From NCRO member graunke@netscape.com

   For the past 20 years my 1099-R showed box 2a (Taxable amount) blank, and box 9b (Total employee contributions) with the amount that I contributed.  My 2011 1099-R shows box 2a with the same figure as box 1 (Gross distribution) and box 9b (Total employee contributions) blank.  I contacted Benefit Express several times and they responded saying that Chrysler would not change anything.   I contacted another retiree and his 2011 1099-R also showed the same condition.

   It appears that Chrysler is taking the Emplyee Contributions as their deductions, and would appear to be in conflict with the tax law.

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  • NCRO says

    Chrysler advised the NCRO that the 1099R issue resulted from the change in responsibilities which occurred when State Street became the pension administrator. The retirees affected are those who retired many years ago such as Mr. Graunke who retired in 1991, over 20 years ago. Chrysler is in the process of identifying retirees who had a change in 1099R reporting like Mr. Graunke and they will be issued a new 1099R on which Box 2a (Taxable Amount) will be left blank, as in previous years, and box 2b will be checked (taxable amount not determined). Unlike previous years, Box 9b (total employee contributions) will be left blank. If any retiree needs this information they can find it on the prior year’s 1099R. I was also advised that Mr. Graunke’s revised 1099R was mailed to him either yesterday or the day before.

    Chrysler also indicated that they are concerned with the statement from Benefits Express to Mr. Graunke that Chrysler would not “change anything”. Chrysler is interested in following up on such issues but would need to know the person the retiree talked to at Benefits Express or when the call to Benefits Express was made

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