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NCRO 52nd Breakfast Meeting Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Our Keynote speaker will be Alan Amici, President and CEO of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR).

TOPIC:  “The EV Transition Begins”

Alan joined CAR after a 35+ year career with Chrysler and TE Connectivity, holding a variety of positions in engineering, manufacturing, and service.

Highlights of his tenure at Chrysler include:

  • Head of Global Uconnect – Infotainment and Connected Car Platform
  • Head of Electrical/Electronics Engineering (Torino, Italy & Auburn Hills, Michigan)
  • Senior Manager, Global Service & Parts (Stuttgart, Germany)


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Retiree Friendly Dealers​

NCRO has worked to find several “friendly” dealers in the Detroit metro area that will treat retirees well and have agreed to establish a retiree friendly process. While you are welcome to go to any dealer, we have several dealers that have designated an individual or individuals to specifically handle retirees and have developed a process they will follow with retirees.

The dealer will review your options based on your needs. The process includes an appointment, capability to help secure your certificate and claim numbers, culminating in leasing or selling you the vehicle of your choice at the EP formula price or less without hassle.

These dealers will also assist retiree friends or family members in the same “friendly” manner.

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Michael Calabrese | National Retiree Legislative Network ERISA Advisory Council United States Department of Labor

Calabrese Testimony at Annuitization Committee

Michael Calabrese, Senior Policy Advisor to the National Retiree Legislative Network

 …Year after year, NRLN’s annual survey of our retiree members tells us that threats to their  income security from a plan termination or removal from their pension plan is their number one  fear, especially in light of the increasing trend toward pension de-risking. In our most recent  survey, 87 percent of respondents agreed that more protections are needed.

…Because the cost of de-risking transactions declines as interest rates increase, observers  predict that the number of partial de-risking transactions is likely to increase. We are already  seeing that happen at scale. In early May, for example, the retiree associations at AT&T were  informed that the company had agreed to transfer 96,000 plan participants and $7.7 billion in  assets from the AT&T pension plan to two annuity providers affiliated with Athene, a subsidiary  of Apollo Asset Management. Similarly, last September, IBM transferred $16 billion in pension  assets to Prudential and to Metropolitan Life – and with it the responsibility to pay benefits to  100,000 retirees and beneficiaries covered by the IBM Personal Pension Plan. 


NCRO 51st Breakfast Meeting May 17, 2023 Opening Remarks

Will Your Pension Be Protected?

A fully funded U.S. pension plan has long been a goal of the National Chrysler Retirement Organization (NCRO). This is great news, however, another trend in U.S. industry generally regarding pension plans could have a substantial impact on our pensions: “de-risking.”

Pension de-risking happens when a company sells its fully-funded pension plan(s) to an insurance company and then takes the financial obligation off their books. When a company sells the plan, the insurance company converts the retiree benefit into an annuity. While recipients don’t lose their money they do lose federal protection from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) and the Employee Retiree Income Security Act (ERISA).



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Did you know that the National Chrysler Retirement Organization (NCRO) turns 15 this year? And we launched our refreshed website – https://NCRO.org – in January. Designed with you in mind, you can find upcoming events, content and information resources with just a few clicks.

Your NCRO family is the “go-to” resource for salaried retirees. We’ve protected our pensions during bankruptcy. We continue to be your voice in Washington DC on Pension, Social Security and Medicare legislation. We’ve been the retiree connection with Chrysler/FCA/FCA US LLC’ leadership and are your source of information flow to salaried retirees about the Company. And we’ve provided members with valuable resources including over 50 seminars and webinars, over 50 in-person breakfast meetings, and 155 published informational videos.

Did you know Dare Forward 2030 is the name for the FCA US LLC’s Long-Term Strategic Plan released one year ago? Contained within this projection is potentially good news for U.S. Chrysler/FCA/FCA US LLC pension recipients: the company will spend between US$1 and $2 billion to fully fund our pension plan.

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Contingency Action Fund (CAF)

To NCRO Members, Chrysler Salaried Retirees and other interested parties: While most of the news surrounding FCA has been positive, we all know that the automotive industry is cyclical and we need to be prepared for anything that could negatively affect our pensions and benefits so; your financial support is needed to build the Contingency Action Fund (CAF). The CAF has been established to pay for legal expenses, legislative work associated with protecting retirement health …



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