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The National Chrysler Retirement Organization Mission is to: Protect pension and other benefits | Do our part …

NCRO Leadership Team Lee Iacocca In Memoriam – Lee Iacocca 1924–2019 Honorary Chairman Charles Austin Founder 40 …

The History of the National Chrysler Retirement Organization (NCRO) Beginning of 2008Formation of GroupRetirees Meet to Discuss …

Pre-Medicare 2024 Retiree Choice Enrollment Guide Helpful Information in Your Preparing for transition from Chrysler’s Retiree Choice …

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Retiree Friendly Dealers​

NCRO has worked to find several “friendly” dealers in the Detroit metro area that will treat retirees well and have agreed to establish a retiree friendly process. While you are welcome to go to any dealer, we have several dealers that have designated an individual or individuals to specifically handle retirees and have developed a process they will follow with retirees.

The dealer will review your options based on your needs. The process includes an appointment, capability to help secure your certificate and claim numbers, culminating in leasing or selling you the vehicle of your choice at the EP formula price or less without hassle.

These dealers will also assist retiree friends or family members in the same “friendly” manner.

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Opening Remarks| Jay Kuhnie, NCRO President

53rd NCRO Breakfast Meeting | Featured Speaker | Jack Dolan

Chrysler Media Announcement

Chrysler Will Unveil Innovative Electric Concept Car

The Aging Webinar by the National Chrysler Retirement Organization was a dynamic event, blending an insightful slide presentation with a compelling video. 

The slides covered financial planning, healthcare, and lifestyle tips, presented with clarity through graphics.

The video also highlighted the significance of maintaining physical and mental well-being in the aging process. The interactive Q&A fostered community engagement.

Attendees left with practical knowledge, a sense of camaraderie, and newfound confidence for their retirement journey.

Will Medicare cover my Paxlovid prescription?

Yes! Good news from Medicare! It is now covering prescriptions for the oral antiviral COVID-19 treatment, Paxlovid, through the end of 2024. You can access it in a couple of different ways. 

If your Part D plan participates in the Paxlovid patient assistance program, you can have your prescription filled free of cost at your pharmacy. Contact your plan to find out if it participates. 

If your plan doesn’t participate, or you simply don’t have drug coverage, you can still get Paxlovid at no charge. You’ll just need to enroll in the U.S. Government Patient Assistance Program (USG PAP) operated by Pfizer.  

If you are choosing a Part D plan, you can search for Paxlovid and add it as prescription drug when comparing drug plan costs on Medicare’s Plan Finder. This will allow you to choose a drug plan that automatically covers the medication. 

If you decide on a drug plan that does not cover Paxlovid, you can still obtain the medication through the USG PAP mentioned above. 

Stay well! 

Michael Calabrese | National Retiree Legislative Network ERISA Advisory Council United States Department of Labor

Calabrese Testimony at Annuitization Committee

 …Year after year, NRLN’s annual survey of our retiree members tells us that threats to their  income security from a plan termination or removal from their pension plan is their number one  fear, especially in light of the increasing trend toward pension de-risking. In our most recent  survey, 87 percent of respondents agreed that more protections are needed.

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Upcoming Events

Contingency Action Fund (CAF)

To NCRO Members, Chrysler Salaried Retirees and other interested parties: While most of the news surrounding FCA has been positive, we all know that the automotive industry is cyclical and we need to be prepared for anything that could negatively affect our pensions and benefits so; your financial support is needed to build the Contingency Action Fund (CAF). The CAF has been established to pay for legal expenses, legislative work associated with protecting retirement health …

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