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The National Chrysler Retirement Organization Mission is to: Protect pension and other benefits | Do our part to keep FCA USA LLC viable and strong Inform, Educate, and Communicate Build camaraderie and fellowship

The mailing address for payments to NCRO or the Contingency Action Fund is:

P.O. Box 174
Washington Township, MI 48094

Our office address:

901 Tower Dr. Suite 420
Troy, MI 48098


We are over 6,700 members strong but we need to continue to grow.

Chrysler non-union retirees and workers had no real means to communicate with Chrysler on retiree benefit issues. There currently was no way for non-union retirees to communicate with each other or to speak as one voice with the company. Retirees have continued to support the company and have trusted management. We relied on the company to provide the benefits we all earned while we were active employees. Unfortunately times have changed, as has the company’s commitment to maintain retiree benefits. After the termination of health and life insurance benefits, several retirees joined together to organize a non-union retiree organization to present a united front to the company. The NCRO was formed in May 2008 with the goals to preserve retiree benefits, improve communication, and foster fellowship among retirees. It’s clear a few people can not take on all the responsibilities associated with developing and managing a retiree organization. 

We ask that you join the NCRO and your fellow retirees!

The NCRO Leadership Team

  • In Memoriam – Lee Iaccoca
  • Founder – Charles Austin
  • President – Jay Kuhnie
  • Vice President – Deb Morrissett
  • Vice President – Peter Piccinato
  • Treasurer – Mike Cipponeri
  • Secretary – Vicki Bonus
  • General Counsel – Dana Oliver
  • General Council – Judy Shumaker-Holland
  • Director – Terry Crockatt
  • Director – John Glotzbach
  • Director – Rick Golpe
  • Director – Grainger Goodman
  • Director – Ted Gray
  • Director – Pete Hollinshead
  • Director – Joe Huber
  • Director – John Kaiser
  • Director – Dale Koch
  • Director – Kathy Neal
  • Director – Dave Slates
  • Director Emeritus – Chris Dyrda
  • Director Emeritus – Doran Samples
  • Director Emeritus Roy Sjoberg
  • In Memoriam – Ray Pasternak
  • In Memoriam – Stan Hurst
  • In Memoriam – Michael Kane

NCRO Volunteers: Thank you all from the NCRO Board!

  • Rich Brown – Insurance Committee
  • Diane Cipponeri – Membership Support
  • Mark Clemons – Survey Coordinator
  • Gordie Couture – Webinar Broadcast Technician
  • Mike Cwiek – Webinar Broadcast Technician
  • Cheri Gelnak – Insurance Committee
  • Barry Lake – Webinar Broadcast Technician
  • Janet Poxon – Triannual Breakfast Committee
  • Paul Gritt – Insurance Committee
  • Brian Haw – e-Communications Administrator
  • Bob Meyer – Database Administrator
  • Howard Baron – Insurance Committee
  • Stanley Chiu – Insurance Committee AISC
  • Johnnie Johnson – Webinar Broadcast Technician
  • Patricia Storto – Triannual Breakfast Committee
  • KC Mehta – Insurance Committee AISC
  • Mike Stephens – Webinar Broadcast Technician
  • Sam Bellestri – Webinar Broadcast Technician
  • Ron Fassnacht – Webinar Broadcast Technician


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Join Us Now … We Want You As A Member!

The NCRO is open to all non-union Chrysler retirees and spouses, surviving spouses and employees. To become a registered member of the NCRO, please select the membership form that best suits your needs from the blue highlighted links below. NCRO membership dues are $25 per year.


Mail In Dues Payments:

P.O. Box 174
Washington Township, MI. 48094

Our Office Address:
(All other correspondence)

901 Tower Dr. Suite 420
Troy, MI 48098

Office phone:


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The National Chrysler Retirement Organization (NCRO)