Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the NCRO?

NCRO, The National Chrysler Retirees Organization, is a member organization OF CHRYSLER SALARY RETIREES AND EMPLOYEES with a mission to foster communication, address retirement issues and foster camaraderie.

Who can join?

Any CHRYSLER SALARY RETIREE OR EMPLOYEE who supports the mission and pays the dues can join.

Why should I join?

By supporting such an organization we can have more influence with Chrysler Management, legislators, and other retirement organizations.

Are there meetings?

We are currently scheduling quarterly meetings nearby the Chrysler headquarters. The Board conducts most of its business by email.

What are the dues used for?

The dues pay for the set up and maintenance of the web site, legal fees for advice on issues and matters of retirees rights, incorporation and business expenses. The NCRO is a nonprofit organization. NCRO members and Board members are not compensated. Work on the NCRO is voluntary.

What is my personal information used for?

Contacting members. Member lists are not sold.

How can I help?

Contact Us at NChryslerRO@ncro.org¬†and let us know you’re interested!