Current Benefits


Benefits may include the following elements:

    • Basic pension
    • Contributory (if participated – most did)
    • Early Benefit supplement*
    • Incentive compensation benefit (some Executive roll)

Chrysler Pension Plans – New information effective January 21th, 2016

Benefits may be received from one or more of the Chrysler Salaried Pension Plans

Chrysler salaried pension plan funding: 2014 Annual Reports vs Estimated PBGC Calculation:
2014 Funded Status

Pension Benefit Security The best pension security is a healthy, profitable Chrysler


2013 – Chrysler Retiree Lease Program Returns Chrysler Company Car Programs


  • Annual spending account (for 2013 – $1,975 for retiree and $1,750 for spouse) for post-65 years of age
  • Some (if retired before 1/1/96) also receive Pension Increase Credits deposited in Merrill Lynch RHCA account
  • Any retiree with a dependent child may be receiving insurance coverage for medical, dental and prescription drugs and paying part of the costs (e.g. a full time college student under the age of 24)
  • Many also have a Merrill Lynch Retirement Health Care Account (RHCA). This is a savings account from savings over the years by the employee and Chrysler.


  • Retirees can receive parts discounts at dealers
  • Discount on new vehicle purchase price for employee, family, and friends
  • Chrysler deducts voluntary long-term care elections from monthly checks
  • Various voluntary Group programs (homeowner, car, legal, life – most self paid)
  • Employee/retiree scholarships

Note: Some items may not apply to individual case

* Some retired in a “Special Early Retirement Program” which generally provided: pension supplement to age 62 level retirement including regular health plans (until 65); must take SS at 62 (supplement drops); must take Medicare at 65 (purchase other medical needs from spending account)