Medicare/Soc Sec

HRA/RHCA Claim Filing Information – WageWorks

Claim Reimbursement Form
How to File a Claim (consolidated from WW info)
HRA Quick Start Guide
Frequently Asked Questions from WageWorks (09/16)

2018 Enrollment Updates (FCA published annually)

2018 HRA News
2018 Retiree Choice Pre and Post 65 Enrollment Guide

September 2018 Long Term Care Issues Seminar Presentations

Palliative vs Curative Care
Long Term Housing and Living Options
Paying for Long Term Care

Growing Into Medicare & Social Security Seminar Presentations

Medicare +101 Timeline for Applying 5.8.18 (provided by NCRO)
Medicare Part D 2019 Tutorial 11/19/2018 (provided by NCRO)
HRA and RHCA: Complete Claim Filing Presentation (by WageWorks 2018)
Additional Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plan Info 5-8-18 (provided by NCRO)

Insurance Consultants for Assistance in Medicare, Part D & Other Benefit Decisions 

Butler Capital Advisors 5.8.18
DoubleHealth USA 5.8.18
GoMedigap 8.18.18
Via Benefits 5.8.18
AmWINS Group 5.8.18
BCBS Legacy information
Medicare Assistance Program-MMAP

Mailing from FCA starting at Age 64

First mailing at age 64 and 0 months
Second mailing 64 and 3 months
Third mailing 64 and 6 months
Fourth mailing 64 and 9 months (enrollment guide)
5th mailing the month you turn 65 (Health Care Retirement Account (HRA) personal report)

Medicare/Social Security Publications

Medicare’s Website –
2018 Medicare Plan Finder
Social Security’s presentation 2018
Download “Medicare & You” in different formats

Important Internet Links  

Log on to Benefit Connect
Log on to WageWorks
Log on to FCA / Chrysler Retirees – when on the site, also click on Salaried Non-Represented Retirees in left column

Important Phone Numbers and Internet Links

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Additional Information you may find helpful

Long term care and elder care planning