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Via Benefits – HRA/RHCA

ON NCRO WEBSITE Click here==> Via Benefits presentation and video (February 2022)
Via Benefits presentation at Feb 16, 2022 NCRO Member Webinar Meeting (February 2022)
HRA RHCA Transition to Via Benefits Announcement Postcard (November 2021)
Welcome to Via Benefits “Letter” (December, 2021)
Transition to Via Benefits Welcome Kit / User Guide “Guide” (December 2021)
Email mid-December 2021 from Stellantis Benefit Communication regarding change to Via Benefits (December 2021)
Via Benefits Stellantis Reimbursement Request Form (December 2021)
Highlights of Helpful Information about submitting claims to Via Benefits (January, 2022)


Guide for FCA Salaried Retirees, Spouses and Beneficiaries for actions to take following the death of the Retiree or the Spouse. Please click here ==> Survivor Guide  Note: this guide has already been mailed to all members for whom we have a mailing address.

Guide for families to ensure important information is available for survivors following the death of a family member. Please click here==> Family Guide Note: this guide has already been mailed to all members for whom we have a mailing address

Benefit Connect

2021 Enrollment Updates (FCA published annually) New

2021 FCA HRA newsletter
2021 Retiree Choice Enrollment Guide

Medicare/Social Security

Growing into Medicare and Social Security Webinar September 14th, 2021

Social Security and Medicare Action Timeline – 09/13/21 Video link
Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans vs. Medigap Plans – 09/13/21 Video link
Tutorial For Medicare Part D – 10/08/21 Video link
Health Care Consultants Available for your Decision Making Video link

Mailing from FCA starting at Age 64

First mailing at age 64 and 0 months
Second mailing 64 and 3 months
Third mailing 64 and 6 months
Fourth mailing 64 and 9 months (enrollment guide)
5th mailing the month you turn 65 (Health Care Retirement Account (HRA) personal report)
FCA Retiree Mailing Timeline Summary

Insurance Consultants for Assistance in Medicare, Part D & Other Benefit Decisions 

Butler Capital Advisors 04-14-2022
Double Health Aging into Medicare April 2022
Laura Camacho Medicare Consultant May 2022
ViaBenefits Helping You Prepare For Your Health Care 9-19-19
AmWINS Benefit Overview 2021

Medicare/Social Security Publications

Medicare’s Website –
2021 Medicare Plan Finder
Social Security Presentation 2020
Download “Medicare & You” in different formats

Important Internet Links  

AAA1B  (SE Michigan Area Agency on Aging 1B)
Log on to FCA / Chrysler Retirees (click on US, then click on ‘benefits’)
Medicare Rights Center
Important Phone Numbers and Internet Links

Have a question for the NCRO Insurance Committee? They can be reached by email at:

Aging Issues

Click here to see several presentations on issues seniors encounter as they age – wills and trusts, medical directives, palliative care to reduce pain and suffering, housing and care alternatives, and financing elder care.