Retiree Lease Process Updated

To All Members of NCRO:

NCRO has worked to find several “friendly” dealers in the Detroit metro area that will treat retirees well and have agreed to establish a retiree friendly process.

While you are welcome to go to any dealer, we have several dealers that have designated an individual or individuals to specifically handle retirees and have developed a process they will follow with retirees. The process includes an appointment, capability to help secure your certificate and claim numbers, culminating in leasing or selling you the vehicle of your choice at the EP formula price or less without hassle.

Here is the general process:

1) Contact Retiree Friendly Dealer listed on our website.

2) Schedule an appointment.

3) Call the U.S. Chrysler Employee Advantage Hotline at 800-756-2886 or the Canadian Chrysler Employee Advantage Dedicated Hotline at 866-785-8783  between 9AM and 6 PM EST to get your certificate numbers and control numbers.

You can visit the Employee Advantage

4) Meet with the designated individual at the dealership

5) Advise which vehicle or vehicles you are interested in. Check and print out the

Regional Incentives at

Bring a copy of the print out with you when you go to the dealership.

6) The dealer will review your options based on your needs

This includes: Annual mileage driven, price class you want, equipment level, etc.

In addition you should already investigate your insurance situation for the vehicle

you are interested in. You can do this on your own or the dealer will recommend

some options. Your insurance is a result of your Credit History, Driving Record,

Claims History, Zip Code, and Type of vehicle being insured etc.