The Problem of Pain

The Problem of Pain

A GoTo Webinar on Wednesday March 23, 2022

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

The Aging Information Sub-Committee (AISC) of the National Chrysler Retirement Organization (NCRO)
Is offering a webinar and Q&A session on The Problem of Pain
in cooperation with:
The Institute of Gerontology – Wayne State University 

Topics Include:

Identify the prevalence of pain reports in various populations
Identify what events can mask pain
Explain bias and impact in pain management
Name causes and differences of addiction, tolerance, and dependency
Demonstrate the ability to evaluate end-of-life pain in the non-responsive person
Identify medication use for pain management

The Webinar will be free of charge. We hope you join us for this highly informative presentation
To attend the Webinar, Click on the link below to register

Dale Koch, Webinar Moderator NCRO Board Member and Aging Information Sub-Committee Member

Speaker “Andi” Chapman RN, CDP, CADDCT, EPECT, CMDCP, CDSGF

“Andi” has an extensive background in hospice care, works with Wayne State University as a writer and presenter; is a consultant/presenter with SelectMed Seminars and Consulting; a Certified Dementia Practitioner and trainer for the NCCDP; serves on the education board for Michigan Home Health and Hospice Association, and recently became a volunteer for Elder Abuse Alliance in Genesee County, MI.    

She shares her compassion for people as well as her passion for education and encouragement during these “interesting” times today. 

Through personal trials and experiences, much has been learned and it is a joy and an honor to share the knowledge gained.